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Hotel Spolokhi


Hotel Spolokhi is located in Kandalaksha on the picturesque bank of river Niva. It is 5 minutes walk from the city center. There are 40 rooms in the hotel. Each room has its own shower.

There are two types of rooms. The first-class rooms have been renovated. These rooms are well-equipped with fridge, TV set and hair dryer. Guests of the hotel receive means of hygiene in individual cosmetic packing. The mineral wateris also included. Guests can order food. (Breakfast-330 RUB, lunch - 430 RUB, dinner - 430 RUB).  Meal can be included in accommodation cost.

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Hotelli Spolohi.jpg - 12700 Bytes Prices for accommodation:

  • Single room - 1400 RUB.
  • Double room - 1900 RUB.
  • Semi-luxury room - 2500 RUB.
  • Luxury room - 2700 RUB.
  •      The hotel has its own heating system and water supply. Therefore our guests can enjoy these benefits all year round. There is also a hairdressing salon, massage salon, dental office,billiards, gift shop. Saunacan be prepared at your request (reservation is needed). If you like skiing, then you are lucky. Ski resort Mount Cross may be getting in 15-minutes drive from our hotel from November to May.

    Our hotel has a very friendly, polite staff, which will not leave any visitor without attention!

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    Characteristic of the ski track:

    - Length is 1100 m.
    - Track level difference is 180 m.
    - The track is illuminated
    - Wide is 100 m.

    After-sales service:

    - Cafe
    - Ski hire sets (40 pcs.), Snowboard sets (11 pcs.), Sledges (15 pcs.)
    - Lounges (VIP, double)
    - Natural spring water

    Experienced instructors provide training in alpine skiing, snowboarding and sledge

    Spolohi hotellista Krestovaja alppihiihtopaikkaan matka kestää 20 minuuttia

    Hotel Spolokhi
    184048 Naberezhnaya str.130 Kandalaksha, Murmansk region,
    phone/fax: (81533) 9 - 66 - 90,
    8(815-33) 9 75 66 - secretary,
    (81533) 9 - 75 - 29; 8(921)172-80-09 - reception.
    Email: Solidarnostl@Land.ru
    For more information: www.kandalaksha.org

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